Aladdin Tickets

“Aladdin” has been taking theater-goers on a dazzling magical ride for years. Since the musical’s beginning, viewers have been awed by the stunning sets, exciting music and fabulous characters. As a fresh and beautiful adaption of the classic 1992 Disney movie, this musical is both familiar and surprising - it’s a fun and exciting production that takes you to “A Whole New World.”

A classic love story

Aladdin is a poor street urchin who lives in the city of Agrabah, who gets himself out of sticky situations using his quick-thinking and street smarts. Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan, sneaks away from her home in the palace one evening after feeling pressured to marry a man she doesn’t know. She disguises herself as a commoner and begins to wander the streets, where eventually she bumps into our hero.

Palace officials, including the Sultan’s right-hand man Jafar, discover Jasmine with Aladdin, force her to come home and sentence Aladdin to death. However, Jafar has his own plans - he saves Aladdin’s life by telling him he must enter the Cave of Wonders and bring out a gold lamp that’s hidden inside.

When Aladdin finds the lamp, he accidentally rubs it, releasing a dazzling genie that magically grants Aladdin three wishes. As drama and hilarity ensues, Aladdin uses his wishes to become a prince and marry Princess Jasmine. He, Genie, Jasmine and the rest of the cast, battle against Jafar and his sidekick Iago, who want the power of the Genie for themselves.

The first production

The theatrical version of “Aladdin” first debuted in Seattle in 2011. Alan Menken had been working on the music for the show (which was based on a book by Chad Beguelin), and Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Beguelin himself wrote the lyrics. Menken and the lyricists reworked three songs that had been cut from the classic movie, and included four more original compositions, which means theater-goers were able to enjoy seven songs they hadn’t heard before. The show, which included the original cast member for Jafar, Jonathan Freeman, received rave reviews regarding everything from the visuals to the music to the storyline.

Broadway and awards

After its Seattle debut, “Aladdin” expanded into other cities and theaters, eventually making its way to Broadway in 2014. The Broadway show, from the same producer as “The Lion King,” was a huge hit, noted for having both great music and a hilarious story.

After debuting on Broadway, “Aladdin” was nominated for five Tony Awards in 2014. At the Tonys, James Monroe Iglehart won Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical for his spectacular, comedic and relatable portrayal of the Genie.

In 2015, “Aladdin” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

An exciting and heart-warming story about love, friendship and greed, “Aladdin” has been beloved by audiences for years. Along with “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast” and more, the show has made its way into the rankings of great musical adaptations of Disney films.

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