Amy Shark Tickets

Amy Shark has enjoyed a rapid ascent into the public consciousness in her native Australia, a trip that’s all the more sweet after putting in years of hard work. Shark’s indie-pop stylings have caught the ears of listeners in the Land Down Under and beyond, a boom in popularity that will hit North America in summer 2017 with her first venture as a headliner in that part of the world: the Adore tour. With a path to success unlike few others, Shark isn’t just an exceptional performer - she’s a unique story.

Getting started
Born Amy Billings in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - near the center of the eastern coast of the nation - Shark harbored interests in music and filmmaking as she grew up, although she focused on filmmaking more so at first. She fed her passion for both writing and performing music by engaging in both activities as a form of self-therapy and then by sharing with an audience through MySpace, but has only been an active musician in the traditional sense of the word since 2014. That was when she started uploading her compositions to YouTube, garnering plenty of attention.

One of Shark’s highest-profile jobs before starting her work in the music world was serving as a video editor for the Gold Coast Titans, a major professional rugby league team based in her place of birth. She continues to balance her role with the team alongside her growing music career and eventually made an appearance on Australian rugby league TV news program “League Nation Live” in 2016 as her popularity grew.

Adored near and far
Shark’s songs on YouTube eventually led to her first single, which was released in 2014. “Spits on Girls” didn’t chart, but it struck a tone with her audience, who gravitated to her unique sound. It also earned lots of play on college radio stations in Australia and the U.S., as well as serving as a key song in the YouTube series “Contiki Road Trip.” Her follow-up single, “Golden Fleece,” dropped in 2016 and followed a similar path - not much attention on the charts but thoroughly enjoyed by a growing international fanbase. She also released her first collection of songs in 2016 on the EP The Little Sleeper.

The major step up on the charts and Shark’s arrival into the more traditional music scene came with the 2016 release of “Adore.” That single hit No. 3 on the Australian Recording Industry Association charts and was also certified platinum by that group. That major success catapulted Shark into the next level of stardom and came soon before the release of her second EP, Night Thinker, which was released in early 2017. With summer 2017 tour dates lined up for major U.S. cities and a few stops in Canada, Amy Shark is ready to be adored by fans new and old.

Amy Shark is a shining example of how the right mix of talent and determination can propel certain performers to international acclaim.