Brian McKnight Concert Tickets

Don't miss your chance to see the multi-talented Brian McKnight at his next concert. This singer-songwriter has attracted a huge fanbase for more than 20 years with his smooth R&B sound. Get your friends together to plan a night out with your Brian McKnight tickets today!

Brian McKnight sings, writes, arranges, produces and plays eight instruments! He is perhaps best-known for his powerful voice, which can expertly reach into the falsetto range. His skills as an artist have earned him a reputation as one of the strongest talents in the adult urban contemporary R&B genre, as well as 16 Grammy nominations.

McKnight's background as a singer for his church's choir in Buffalo New York laid the foundation for his soulful vocal stylings, that have the ability to captivate an audience. In 1992, at the young age of 19, McKnight released a self-titled debut album that began his journey to becoming one of the greatest artists in R&B. McKnight has since released twelve studio albums.

For fans of the smooth R&B sounds like Boys II Men and Eric Benet, a Brian McKnight show is a must-see because they are an experience you won't soon forget. So make sure you get your seat at the next live show!