Bring it On: The Musical Theater Tickets

"Bring it On" was among the most popular comedies of 2000, and though it spawned a number of sequels, none quite lived up to the original. The hit film also inspired a musical loosely based on the show, and everyone from cheerleading enthusiasts to musical theater lovers have been picking up Bring it On: The Musical tickets.

While many people may be familiar with the plot of the original movie - which followed Kirsten Dunst as the captain of a California high school's cheerleading squad - but the stage production differs a bit. This time around, the story follows Campbell, whose world is turned upside down when she is transferred to a different school that has no cheerleading program.

As you might expect from a show about cheerleading, aside from the musical numbers, Bring it On: The Musical has turned heads because of the technical proficiency of its dance numbers. Since debuting in Atlanta in 2011, and then later on Broadway in 2012, the show has earned rave reviews.

With an energy level appropriate for a cheerleading musical, Bring it On, appeals to fans from all walks of life and will likely be a Broadway staple for years to come.