Bryan Adams Concert Tickets

Bryan Adams is a singer and songwriter hailing from the Canadian province of British Columbia. Throughout his career, he has evolved from being a musician into many more things, including a philanthropist, a social activist, a renowned photographer, a producer and an actor. Adams’ style blends elements of rock and pop with his  understated voice to create a cohesive sound unlike any other in the industry. Further, his stage presence is nothing short of electric and has been known to move arena-packing crowds across North America and the wider world at large. If you’re looking for a one of a kind musical experience, then purchase your Bryan Adams tickets today to see him in the flesh!

Early life
Adams was born on Nov. 5, 1959 in Canada. While he would spend much of his formative years there and credits Canada as his homeland, Adams traveled a great deal due to the political nature of his father’s work. After an extensive career with both the Canadian military and the United Nations, Adams’ father became a diplomat and brought his son with him to postings all over the world. Among other places, Adams spent time growing up in both Austria and Portugal. Later in life, he would come to credit his international exposure for the development of his artistic ability.

Rise to fame
Adams’ musical career is rooted immensely in his early life, as the singer/songwriter purchased his first guitar at the young age of 14. He began playing music with friends from school and the neighborhood shortly thereafter, and was eventually able to work his way into several touring gigs as a backup guitarist for local bands. Though he did not see a great deal of commercial success early on, his work at this point in life would bolster his fame later on through the partnerships he developed. By networking with other musicians in his area, Adams was ultimately able to gain a contract from A&M Records in 1978. The label signed him for almost no money, but Adams was able to begin co-writing and ghostwriting songs for more major artists and eventually developed enough clout and material to release an album of his own. Adams’ debut full-length record, which was eponymously titled, was released in 1980.

Commercial success
Adams&rsquo first record did not sell emphatically, at least initially, but he never slowed down. One year later, Adams released You Want It You Got It, to a relatively similar commercial response. His third album, Cuts Like a Knife, would prove to be his first commercial hit and drive his career to new heights. The album was driven by the popularity of the three singles, “This Time,” “Straight From the Heart” and “Cuts Like a Knife,” all of which charted in Canada. Since then, Adams has released eight other studio records, including Tracks of My Years, 11, 18 Til I Die, On a Day Like Today, Reckless, Into the Fire, Room Service and Waking Up the Neighbors.

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