Combichrist Concert Tickets

Combichrist is a Norwegian electronic band that is best known for hits like “Get Your Body Beat,” “Sent to Destroy,” “This is My Rifle,” “Shut Up and Swallow,” “From My Cold Dead Hands,” “Never Surrender” and “Throat Full of Glass.” By masterfully blending the minimalist structure of electro-industrial music and bass-laden tracks of post-industrial rock, Combichrist has risen to the upper echelons of the aggrotech music scene. Buy your Combichrist tickets today and enjoy a night full of hard dancing and heart-pounding beats.

Combichrist is the brainchild of Icon of Coil founder Andy LaPlegua. He developed this side project in 2003, releasing the album The Joy of Gunz under Germany’s Out of Line Records. Although LaPlegua works alone in the studio, he uses a revolving door of guest musicians for his live shows, which are widely regarded as some of the most intense and powerful performances in aggrotech.

In 2005, Combichrist released its sophomore effort Everybody Hates You under the American record label Metropolis. The album’s lead single, "Get Your Body Heat," earned the group its first Billboard appearance, staying on the dance charts for six weeks.

There are currently no events for Combichrist.