Dirty Dancing Theater Tickets

Dirty Dancing is an awe-inspiring musical based on the 1987 silver screen classic. Capturing the same drama, raw emotion and grooves of the original movie that rocketed Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey into superstardom, Dirty Dancing the Musical is just as moving as the film. Purchase your Dirty Dancing tickets today and enjoy a night full of breath-taking choreography and excellent performances by some of the most talented artists in show business.

Go back in time to the summer of 1963 and follow 17-year-old Frances “Baby” Houseman as she learns life lessons through the art of dance. While on holiday visiting New York’s Catskill Mountains with her parents and older sister, Baby quickly loses interest in the activities at the resort where her family is staying. Venturing out on her own, she discovers an all-night dance party and immediately becomes enamored with the heart-pounding rhythms and sultry dance moves. Eager to be a part of the scene, Baby engages local dance instructor Johnny Castle in conversation. Through Johnny, she learns the ins and outs of self-expression through music, movement and love in this amazing feel-good production.

There are currently no events for Dirty Dancing.