Fred Armisen Theater Tickets

Famous for his work on "Saturday Night Live" and "Portlandia," Fred Armisen is arguably one of the most recognizable comedians working today. With an offbeat sense of humor but spot on comedic timing, the seasoned sketch show veteran has developed a loyal fan base that will pick up Fred Armisen tickets at a moment's notice.

Armisen first got his start in show business as a member of the punk rock band Trenchmouth, but eventually he decided to make the switch to acting, a decision which has certainly paid off well. Throughout the early 2000s, much of his work was in hilarious appearances on the likes of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and "Crank Yankers," but he eventually made the jump to SNL in 2002, which proved to be his big break.

In more than 10 years on the venerable sketch comedy show, Armisen has developed some of the most beloved characters in recent history. Thanks to his exposure he managed to pioneer the hit show "Portlandia," which has developed a small, but passionate fan following.

Through his many endeavors, whether it is on SNL or playing music, Armisen has remained in the public eye and will likely stay there for many years in the future.

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