Legends In Concert Tickets

Why see only one music superstar when you can watch a parade of them perform their greatest hits across a number of musical eras? That's the exciting idea behind Legends in Concert, which has regular performances at the Flamingo Las Vegas as well as other spots across the country. This long-lasting cavalcade of tribute performers and bands is now in its 34th season, a testament to its enduring appeal for a variety of visitors for decades on end. If you want to see everyone from Elvis to Michael Jackson take the stage in a single evening, Legends in Concert is your best bet.

Decades of favorites in a single night

Legends in Concert strikes a strong balance between variety and depth, with a current showcase featuring four tribute performers whose recording and live concert careers spanned from the 50s through the 2000s. The number of performers and time allotted means getting to see more than just a brief appearance from each musician, so audiences can enjoy a slightly deeper dive into each artist's catalog.

The current lineup for the show includes convincing tribute performers in the roles of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin and Michael Jackson. With that kind of variety on display, there will be plenty of hits heard throughout the evening. It's important to note the tribute acts change throughout the year, which means a return visit can introduce you to new and exciting performances that display the best of popular music from both past and present.

The experience is made all the better by the production's commitment to having each performer use their own natural singing voice - meaning you not only see amazing, highly developed tribute acts, you hear them, too. The opportunity to meet and take photographs with each performer after the show ends can give you a unique souvenir as well - one that may leave friends and family asking how you met Elvis or Michael Jackson in 2017.

While the longevity of the show is a testament in and of itself to how much audiences have enjoyed it, the reviews are roundly positive as well. Robin Leach, the host of 80s smash hit TV series "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" recently wrote a strongly positive review of the show in the Las Vegas Sun, and audience reviews on a number of platforms have shared similar sentiments. With memorable songs and top-notch performances in an all-ages environment, it's no surprise Legends in Concert is such an enduringly popular show.

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