Mac DeMarco Concert Tickets

The jangly, chilled-out music of Mac DeMarco has made waves for its meandering and effortless sound. The Canadian singer and multimedia artist started making music right after his high school graduation in 2008, and was quickly noticed by record labels and music-lovers alike. Buy your Mac DeMarco tickets to see the singer perform his music live.

DeMarco began his career under the stage name of Makeout Videotape, a moniker for which he self-produced an album titled Heat Wave after moving to Vancouver in 2008. That project eventually attracted bandmates Alex Calder and Jen Clement, with whom he would perform live and record occasionally. In 2012, DeMarco struck out on his own, releasing the EP Rock and Roll Night Club under his own name with the Captured Tracks label. During the recording of that EP, DeMarco was sick with tonsillitis, giving his vocals a haunting crooner-esque quality.

A singer who has been compared to such artists as Kurt Vile and Ducktails, DeMarco cites Weezer and Ween as influences on his current musical stylings. His concerts have a reputation for lewd stage acts, which has made the young and reckless musician quite the enigma in the industry.

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