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There are some voices that are so soulful that people cannot get enough, and Matt Corby is one of them. This Australian singer/songwriter is from New South Wales, Australia. His career jump-started when he landed a spot on “Australian Idol” where he finished as runner-up. Since then, Corby has wooed listeners worldwide with his folk-style and poetic lyrics.

Early life and career
Matt Corby grew up with music. Throughout his youth, he was involved in band and choir in school. In 2007, when he was 16 years old, he auditioned for “Australian Idol.” Although he did not win, he gained a large amount of exposure through the show and garnered a fan base. After “Idol” was over, he independently released his debut EP Song For … on Scorpio Music. Right after that, he relocated to London and signed with the renowned U.K. indie label Communion when he captured the attention of the label’s owner, Mumford and Son’s very own Ben Lovett. In 2010, both his second and third EPs, named My False and Transition to Colour, respectively, were released through Communication.

After that, Corby spent most of 2010 to 2011 playing numerous live shows in London, and he even performed at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. However, Corby felt like being a part of a big label just wasn’t for him, and the industry started to get to him. As a result, he returned to Australia to put music on the back burner. He took a job as a barista and reveled in low-key life reading and surfing. He nearly fell in love, and it inspired him to continue writing, specifically a song called “Untitled.” However, he then began to perform “secret garden” shows in fans’ backyards throughout the country, which inspired him to continue on with music. He jumped in a van with friends and played about 38 shows in six weeks to about 100 people at a time, funded by merchandise sales and fan donations.

The continuation
After his secret-garden shows, Corby released his fourth EP Into the Flame, which introduced a new, bluesy sound that fans and critics took a liking to. The EP also featured a duet with keyboardist Bree Tranter, previously of Australian band The Middle East. Into the Flame received critical success, and Corby toured all around New South Wales in 2012 to support his new music. In January 2012, Corby won Song of the Year for “Brother” at FBi Radio’s annual SMAC Awards in Darlinghurst, Sydney. In 2013, he released the song “Resolution,” which became his first charting single. Throughout the rest of the year, he toured Europe playing shows and festivals including Latitude and Glastonbury.

In October 2015, Corby released his first single in nearly two years, titled “Monday,” from his forthcoming album. The song is entirely made of sounds produced by Corby’s body and voice. Throughout his two years off, he took the time to reevaluate the direction of his music before he could move forward. The song “Monday&rdquo showcased a new Corby - one with a more organic sound. But like Corby himself, his sound is constantly evolving.

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