Russell Brand Comedy Tickets

Russell Brand is a man of many talents, but they all center around his comedic nature. The British-born comedian has acted, hosted television shows, written and performed songs for his movies and even worked as a sports reporter for "The Guardian."

While his acting career has taken off in recent years, Brand got his start as a comedian doing stand-up routines in England. He really got his foot in the door when he hosted "Big Brother's Efourum", a British TV show, in 2004 and 2005, and from there Brand skyrocketed to fame. He is perhaps most well known for his role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," in which he played a cocky rocker named Aldous Snow. He was so amusing that director Nicholas Stoller brought the character back to star in "Get Him to the Greek."

While his star has risen of his own accord, Brand is also known as the ex-husband to pop singer Katy Perry. Brand doesn't shy away from hot button topics like religion, and addresses them with a polite and satirical sensibility. His comedic styling is one that appears almost accidental, as if he is unaware that the things he's saying are funny.

These days, the comedian is staying busy hosting his own talk show, "Brand X with Russell Brand," in addition to working on a number of movies and performing his stand-up routine around the world.

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