Scorpions Concert Tickets

Best known for their hard rock anthems "Wind of Change," "Still Loving You" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane," German heavy metal band Scorpions are definitely long haulers. Having sold millions of albums and played countless concerts, Scorpions tickets are always a sellout.

The first incarnation of the band originated in Hanover, Germany circa 1965 when a group of youngsters who dug rock n' roll and the music of the beat revolution got together to jam. The band's original lineup broke up during the tour promoting their debut album Lonesome Crow. After a few rounds of member and band hopping, another incarnation of the Scorpions arose out of the ashes. That version of the band released its first album in 1974.

The Scorps enjoyed success limited mostly to Europe until they hit their international stride with the release of Love at First Sting in 1984. Since the mid-80s the Scorpions have been rockin' it hard, in the studio and live playing with monster acts like Dokken, RATT, Cinderella, Ozzy and Bon Jovi.

Over the next decades the Scorpions released numerous albums and continued to play like madmen, delivering hit after hit and tour after tour. Whether a diehard Scorps fan or just a fan of 80s hair bands, concertgoers give the band reviews year after year!

Join the decades worth and legions of audience members everywhere bangin' their heads and pumpin' their fists to great hard rock and heavy metal. Get your Scorpions concert tickets now!

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