Sleeping Beauty Ballet Tickets

The Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty, has come alive and is now available for you to witness LVIE on stage. This production portrays the same beloved fairy tale with grand classical ballet featuring Tchaikovsky's treasured music, magnificent sets and gorgeous costumes. By getting your Sleeping Beauty tickets now, you'll be able to experience first-hand this happily-ever-after tale.

Sleeping Beauty was first on stage in 1981, and more than three decades later the production has continued to grow in sophistication. In the show, there are more than 900 costume pieces, props and wigs. Costume designer Peter Docherty frames the stage with romantically draped curtains, pulling the audience into the story. It begins in the court of King Florestan XIV, where a gathering has assembled to celebrate the birth of the royal Princess Aurora. The princess and a cast of fairies are adorned in beautiful classic tutus and sparkling tiaras.

Guest appearances from fairy tale characters Puss In Boots and Little Red Riding Hood make a surprising addition to this classical ballet performance. The combination of costumes and choreography come together to create a wonderfully artistic production. Five different ballerinas rotate through the role of Aurora, each dancing their way across the stage. One of the ballet sequences in the show is the Rose Adagio, which includes long, difficult balances. Despite the difficulty, each ballerina dances while maintaining an accurate living embodiment of each fairy's charm.

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