Sweeney Todd Musical Tickets

The ultra-popular musical Sweeney Todd is ready to frighten families in thrilling fashion. Follow this malicious barber down the road to madness in this musical thriller based on the 1979 play "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." Purchase your Sweeney Todd tickets today and watch what the Guardian critics are calling "brave" and "tasty."

The play follows the story of Benjamin Barker, a slightly unstable ex-con returning home after 15 years at a penal colony, where he was incarcerated on trumped-up charges. He is driven to his breaking point after the full extent of his imprisonment is revealed, and he teams up with a local baker to exact his revenge.

Director James Brining's rendition of the 1979 classic is an homage to the past, as well as something new he created. Instead of being set in mid 1800s Britain or Prohibition-era America, as in past revivals, Brining takes the characters of Sweeney Todd and places them in a gloomy 1970s England setting. His cast does a great job of delivering convincing performances of a serial killer and his accomplice as they play out their gruesome acts and bake suspicious pies.

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